MiniStrike 4.0 - Open Beta

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A "MiniStrike" update, finally !

After a lot of work, i'm finally able to release a new version of MiniStrike.  There is a lot of changes, so there may be new bugs (for sure), it's why this comes as an open beta test. Please be sure to reports bugs either in the comments, or from the contact page.

To try this version, you'll need to register to the beta version of MiniStrike on the MiniStrike Play Store page.

Here are the main changes in this release. There's still a lot of untracked changes i would need to add here, but for now:

  • ui: big refactor
  • ui/game: add custom avatar/decal/spray support (iap)
  • ui/game: add radio/audio messages (iap)
  • ui/game: celebration animations is now iap only
  • iap: add in app purchases (unlock avatars, radios, celebrations, ads)
  • game: add bullets decals
  • leaderboards: add leaderbords back (profile)
  • weapons: add flashgang
  • weapons: higher glock damage (30 > 50)
  • network: big refactor (wip)
  • various: lot, lot of varions fixes and changes


A note about "iap" (in app purchases): in this release i'v added some in app purchases. I did spent a lot of time on MiniStrike development, and i think it's time to see if people would support my work. I did make sure those "iap" won't add any advantages in the game for people who can afford it, it's just "cosmetic" (celebration animations, radio sounds, custom avatars/spray, disabled ads).




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#3  - Yassin said :

It doesn't work for me it
Every time I choose a server it says
Update your client or server
Please help!!

#4  - Lucas Demey said :

A nova atualização do jogo, é interessante! Porém, não adianta, a atualização ser boa,se ela é toda bugada. Na próxima atualização do jogo, foquem bastante em correções de bugs,e um servidor apenas para Brasileiros,liguem português etc...
Também, editar os controles, poder crescer, mudar de lugar,etc.

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#7  - Abdo chaji said :

I need this game because nice

#8  - تااا said :


#9  - 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺 said :


#10  - Wilfredo said :

Es el mejor juego

#11  - Fabrício said :

Ester jogo é muito legal e divertido

#12  - Fabrício said :

Este jogo é muito legal e divertido

#13  - Wiz flame said :

This game is awesome

#14  - Jonald said :

Baka naman

#15  - Jonald said :

Pano lods laroin


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