MiniStrike 3.6 is out !

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MiniStrike, version 3.6, is up on the play store !


What's new:

  • ui: make in game menus transparent
  • ui: don't close in game menu on map restart if open
  • ui: show stats menu by default when opening in game menu
  • ui: improve server list loading speed
  • ui: fix server list filtering
  • ui: show player hud info directly on teammates
  • ui: refactor spectator view
  • net: teleport players on restart
  • net: auto kick player if ping is greater than 500 ms (see ministrike.cfg)
  • net: add local play back
  • maps: disable Cobalt by default for servers (not fun enough)
  • input: add touch smoothing option, improve sensivity
  • gpgs: use google play games service for nickname
  • weapons: fix grenade bug on inventory reset
  • weapons: fix default m4a1 ammo count, fix some colliders

Download MiniStrike 3.6 on the play store now !



#1  - kevinpopchoc said :

Me gusta bastante el juego mucho mucho

#2  - Kevinpopchoc said :

Es el mejor juego que e jugado

#3  - Kevinpopchoc said :

Es el mejor juego que e jugado

#4  - Lucas Dmey said :

Coloca novas armas,e colocar o modo 4v4,coloca patentes e uma configuração pra editar os botões do jogo.

#5  - Sofyan said :

Why is the game don't working

#6  - cpasjuste said :

Hi Sofyan, what's your problem ?!


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